LIC Scheme : Invest in This LIC Policy for a Better Future For your Child

LIC Scheme - Children's Money Back Plan: You can invest up to Rs. 150 per day in this plan. In that case, your total annual income would be Rs. 55,000, after 25 years, the total deposit would be Rs. 14 lakhs. Every parent is concerned about their child's future. In such a situation, after the birth of the child, the parents start planning the investment for his future. 

LIC is the largest insurance company in the country with millions of customers. Even today, a large number of people in the country still prefer to invest in LIC as this market is far from risky and offers better returns.

As children get older, so do their needs. In such a situation LIC has come up with a special plan for children, which is called LIC's New Children Money Back Plan. The plan is tailored to the children's future financial needs. You can get better returns by investing in this scheme.

What is the new Children's Money Back Plan?

From LIC's new Children's Money Back Plan, it is known as a Money Back Plan. By investing in this scheme, you can earn a huge amount. To invest in this scheme, you only need to invest Rs. 150 per day. You can buy this policy for 25 years. In this scheme for the first time after the age of 18 years the child will get money back. On the other hand, at the age of 20 you will get your money back. In addition, for the third time at the age of 22 you will get the benefit of a refund. In the three paise refunds, you get 20-20 percent and at maturity, after the child turns 25, you get 40 percent of the total amount.

So much for investing in new children's money back plans

Let me tell you that in this plan you can invest up to Rs. 150 per day. In that case, your total annual income would be Rs. 55,000, after 25 years, the total deposit would be Rs. 14 lakhs. In addition to the refund on maturity, the account holder will get a total amount of Rs 19 lakh. In the event of death of the policyholder, you will receive the full deposit with interest on maturity.

Features of the new Children Money Back Plan -
Your child must be between the ages of 0 and 12 to receive this policy. In this plan, you will get 60 percent refund and 40 percent on maturity. In this scheme, you can choose minimum Rs. 1 lakh and maximum amount as per your requirement.

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