What is Insurance ? Types of Insurance in India 2022


What is Insurance ? Types of Insurance in India 2022

What is Insurance - You must have heard the name of insurance, life insurance etc., because nowadays most of the advertisements of insurance come on TV, Internet etc., now insurance has become very popular. Almost all people take out their life insurance, but still there are some people who do not know much about insurance. 

What is Insurance ? Types of Insurance in India 2022

If you are one of those people who do not know much about insurance, then do not worry because through today's article we will provide you detailed information about insurance such as what is insurance and what are its types. What is insurance, what is insurance, how is insurance done, what documents are required for insurance, etc. You will enjoy reading this article.

What is Insurance ?

It is a means to compensate for any loss or damage in future, no one knows what will happen tomorrow, but through insurance, you can in future. BHIM is actually a contract or agreement. Which is signed between the insured person and the insurance company. It provides financial assistance to deal with future losses. For your information, let us tell you that when you take insurance, you have to pay a certain installment at a fixed time, but in some plans you can top up. Sometimes you find this information in the contract with the insurance company. In future, whenever he suffers loss related to insurance, the insurance company will indemnify the loss under a written agreement.

How to Get Insurance ?

You can find many ways to get insurance, like you can get insurance through an insurance agent of an insurance company, you can also get insurance by visiting the insurance company yourself, you can get insurance from the website of the insurance company. Can get insurance online. You can also register online by visiting the broker's website etc. 

If required, you can claim the insurance policy in all the above mentioned ways, i.e. if there is any loss related to this insurance policy, and you have taken insurance, you can claim the amount received from the insurance company in lieu of insurance. can claim can do

How Many Types of Insurance are There

Generally, insurance is divided into two parts on the basis of living and non-living things, in which Life Insurance means life insurance for a living person and General Insurance means general insurance for non-living things.

1. General Insurance

General insurance covers house, animal, vehicle, crop, health insurance, etc. Apart from this, theft, accident, fire, flood etc. are also included in this insurance.

In this insurance plan, the entire payment has to be made in one go, for which a fixed period is fixed, at the end of that time period, this insurance plan is renewed again.

Both life insurance and general insurance are needed to cover all aspects of a person's life completely.

2. Life Insurance

In life insurance, the life of a person is insured, life insurance is a type of savings, it is taken by a person and if he dies, then the amount of insurance is given to that person's family by the insurance company. goes.

The person taking life insurance has to pay a certain amount to the insurance company for a specified period, in which the premium will be received by the person taking the insurance, it depends on the plan of the insurance company. There are many plans in life insurance such as term insurance, money back policy, unit linked insurance plan, whole life insurance, endowment plan etc.

What are the Benefits of Life Insurance ?

Our life is full of many uncertain sentences and dangers, if a family member gets into an accident, the whole family gets hurt. But if we insure our life then possible loss in future can provide some financial support, although human life cannot be measured by money but it makes it easier to meet human needs. 

A life insurance plan is an investment vehicle that allows you to receive maturity benefits, but it requires you to survive the policy term. Life insurance money is very helpful for many things like your children's education, their marriage, financial security and life insurance.

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